Model 360

With Third-Arm Option & Standard Two-Arm

Model 360 with Third-Arm Option

Model 360 with Standard Two-Arm

MODEL 360 is a motor-driven, adjustable speed, precision brass annealer. Constructed of zinc-plated welded-steel, it features a one-size fits-all case drive wheel, accepting the smallest to the largest case size. The adjustable dwell speed control lets you vary the time your cases spend in the two opposing torch flames. At a medium-heat torch setting, a .308 case can be annealed in about 6 seconds.

The 360 uses two torch arms to surround the neck in flame, and works great below .416 or .50 caliber. For those larger cases, we recommend adding the optional third torch arm for additional heat. Cost for the third arm is $45.

Model 360 with Torches Attached

Torch height is easily adjustable for varying case heights (the extra adjustment is hidden within the corner leg). Torch arms adjust in and out, the angle is adjustable also. Recommended torches are the simplest Bernzomatic 1/2" tips. After heating the neck, cases stabilize and then are dropped through the floor to your metal cooling pan.

Leveling feet are provided, torches are not included.

Model 360 Standard Unit-$395, Third Arm-$45. Please contact us for ordering information.