Because Accuracy Is A Quest Not A Concept

Offering Two Distinct Models of Accuracy-Enhancing Annealers

Maybe you have been thinking about annealing but have been put off because you are not familiar with the process. Maybe you have been annealing by hand and are looking for a more precise, consistent method. We can help.

We recognize that shooters have individual needs and preferences, and that many own or work with multiple chamberings.

We have made some improvements to the models offered.

We now can customize your Model 400 plate with your specific hole sizes so you do not need to purchase any extra shell plates. You can get two sizes or three, made custom for your needs.

The wheel driven one-size fits-all models have evolved into one model with the best features of all. The standard Model 360 uses two opposing torches, whith the option of adding a third torch for the .416 or 50 calibers.